DTI tightens watch vs substandard steel
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DTI tightens watch vs substandard steel

Jan 29, 2024

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through the Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB), has issued Notices of Violation (NOV) against sellers of uncertified steel products and other construction materials in an intensified crackdown against substandard items under mandatory certification.

DTI said that it conducted a series of operations targeting BI/GI steel pipes, plywood, deformed steel bars, ceramic tiles, and low carbon steel wires. From Aug. 1 to 10 operations, DTI said their teams were able to seal almost P7 million worth of items in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon.

On the first day of enforcement on Aug. 1, in Rizal, the team clamped down on the sale of 288 units of uncertified BI/GI steel pipes and plywood worth P14,776,550.

This was immediately followed by another operation in Batangas, on Aug. 2, seizing 8,502 units of BI/GI steel pipes, deformed steel bars, low carbon steel wires, plywood, and ceramic tiles worth P2,463,489.

The team further launched another enforcement operation in Laguna on Aug. 3 where they swept 488 units of BI/GI steel pipes, deformed steel bars, low carbon steel wires, plywood, ceramic tiles, electric fan, black and galvanized longitudinally welded lightweight steel tubes worth P485,384.

On Aug. 4, the DTI team then proceeded to Cavite and seized 856 units of uncertified BI/GI steel pipes, deformed steel bars, low carbon steel wires, and plywood worth P626,250.

On Aug. 10, the enforcement operations in Laguna and Quezon continued, and the teams seized 16,248 units of uncertified BI/GI steel pipes, deformed steel bars, low carbon steel wires, ceramic tiles, and plywood worth P3,844,278.

Of the 79 firms inspected in Region 4-A provinces, 40 sellers of uncertified consumer products were issued with Notices of Violation (NOV) and ordered to submit an explanation within 48 hours from receipt thereof.

FTEB Director Atty. Fhillip D. Sawali and FTEB Enforcement Division Chief Perpetua Werlina R. Lim led the enforcement operations across Region 4-A.emphasized that the Department may have Regional and Provincial Offices, but the DTI remains consistent in enforcing Trade and Industry Laws.

“Safeguarding consumer protection and leveling the playing field through business regulation is an overwhelming task shared among DTI regional and provincial offices. We are certain that with the skilled and dedicated enforcers in the NCR, Regional, and Provincial Offices, we are going to win the campaign against uncertified and substandard consumer products,” said Sawali in a statement Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Meanwhile, Lim clarified that the expanded enforcement operations in the regions are not to disrupt businesses but to ensure a fair-trading environment between consumers and legitimate sellers.

DTI-FTEB's random enforcement in other regions strives to increase its continuing efforts of strengthening consumer protection by ensuring safe and quality products.

The DTI engages in a market-wide campaign against selling or offering for sale non-compliant of and uncertified products, including the enforcement of technical regulations mandating compliance with Philippine Standard Certification Mark Schemes in accordance with Department Administrative Order No. 02, Series of 2007, as well as the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

To protect consumers or potential buyers of electrical and electronic products; mechanical or building and construction materials; and chemical and other consumer products and systems, DTI – Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS) covers products and systems through implementing Mandatory Product Certification Schemes: the PS Quality and/or Safety Certification Mark Licensing Scheme and the ICC Certification Scheme.